All programs include weekly check-ins, continual support, monitoring and mangement of your progress.

Aisling came on board with the goal of losing fat. Evidentially, achieved this goal.

The best achievement is that aisling took a greater interest in nutrition and this added to her ability to create further flexibility while staying on plan.

Tina came to me having “tried every diet out there”, from fads to crashes, would lose weight but struggle to keep it off.

After the birth of her third child, Tina signed up and is still with us today. The results speak for themselves. Flexible dieting has seen her take on the day to day life of a busy young mother.

This client signed up to Momentum pretty frustrated with putting in a lot of effort and getting very little results in return for fat-loss. She did indeed put in immense effort to her workouts and nutrition.

However, with her nutrition it became counterproductive as, like most people, she assumed the harder her diet the better her results.

Flexible dieting = long term results.

Vic join Momentum with the aim of losing 100lbs (45.4kg) within 12 months.

A busy hard working father, who had previously achieved significant weight-loss through some rigid dieting was unable to sustain the loss, resulting in a regain of the weight and then some.

Vic was extremely diligent and hardworking, achieved his goal within the year.

Louis was making his MMA debut and playing soccer. Concerned he would be unable to make weight as his weight-loss had plateaued.

Fast forward a few weeks, louis went on to make weight well before his weigh-in. This enabled us to ensure then change priority from making weight to performance, optimally fuelling/recovering from sessions.

Mattie came to momentum having never dieted, this is actually preferable than someone with a background in weight cycling.

With a structure in place he excelled.

As Brazilian Ju-Jitsu champion and MMA fighter, Cooper came with the goal of body re-composition within our athlete development program. (Before starting his fight camp with us).

Increasing his muscle mass, reducing body fat and keeping his weight within a certain range as his sport is weight-categorised.

Success !!

Mark was in pretty good shape upon joining up , as you can see.

His transformation while impressive doesn’t depict how he actually achieved his transformation.

Over the course of his program we increased his muscle mass (minimising fat gain) and decreased his body fat (maximising muscle retention), he was eating more food than ever with his wedding on the horizon.