All programs are tailor-made & include weekly check-ins, continual support, monitoring and mangement of your progress.


All services are rolling monthly contracts.

Programs can be upgraded, downgraded or cancelled at any time.

Please allow for up to 7 days for programs to be created and delivered.

Terms & Coditions apply.


1 to 1 Coaching

High-Performance Training

Adapt specifically to the demands of your sport.

  • Testing.
  • Tailored Strength Program.
  • Tailored Conditioning Program.
  • Planning & Periodisation.
  • Weekly Check-ins
  • Monthly Video Consult

€170/ month.

High-Performance Nutrition

Fuel your performance:

  • General day to day Nutrition
  • Sports Nutrition; Fuel training, maximise recovery and optimise adaptations to enhance performance.
  • Nutrition strategies for event/competition
  • Weekly Check-ins
  • Monthly Video Consult

€170/ month.

High-Performance Package

This is the most premium service we offer to athletes:

  • High-Performance Training.
  • High-Performance Nutrition.
  • Video Consult x2/month

Places are limited.

€240 / month.

Results guaranteed

“Train with purpose, not habit”

David Galvin


Education & Certifications:
  • BSc in Business Information Systems (This is online coaching after all)
  • PG Dip Nutritional Sciences.
  • MSc Exercise Physiology.
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist with National Strength & Conditioning Association.
  • Certified Sports Nutritionist from the International Society of Sports Nutrition
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning coach with the Australian Strength & Conditioning Association.


  • Olympic level athletes.
  • Multiple National/European/ World titleholders & records.
  • Irish International representative


  • International professional & National amateur level athletes
  • NWSL (USA) championships + MVP winner.
  • Irish International representative.
  • Irish International senior player of the year.


  • Intercounty Senior level athletes
  • Intercounty Minor level athletes
  • Junior county athletes
  • Senior Teams


  • Youth Irish Champion
  • National record holder


  • Masters international level athlete
    • Achieved second fastest time of career (100m)                      


  • Amateur to pro level.
  • MMA internationals x 4.
  • World + European Gold Championships.
  • 60 novice athletes coached to first bout.