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I work with a range of athletes, from novice to elite including professionals across a wide range of sports.

David Galvin (MSc PGDip CSCS)

Exercise Physiologist | Nutritionist | S&C Coach

About Momentum Performance

I help people with performance goals; be it your first 5k run or world championships; I want to help you in the most efficient and effective manner possible to excel at the activities and sports you love.

“Train with purpose, not habit” – my slogan, embodies this mantra. Prepare for the precise demands of your activity/sport, don’t blindly pursue adaptations through fatigue-filled work.

Whether you need coaching for physical preparation or performance nutrition coaching, I’ve got a program to suit you.

I work with many athletes and consult with many clubs/teams/institutes on planning and performance solutions.

Find out if I am the coach for you.    

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Meet a few of my clients

Denise O'Sullivan

Professional Footballer

Holly Davis

National/European/World Rowing Record holder


Team Ireland MMA Athletes / European & World Champion


European 2nd place 100m M Athlete

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